Sunglass Eye Protection

As another summer season approaches, the issue of sunglasses once again resurfaces. Eye care specialists are frequently asked questions whether sunglasses are necessary, and is there really a difference between the cheap ones and the expensive types? The short answer is YES to both questions.

Light, in general and, sunlight in particular is comprised of many units called wavelengths. Each wavelength has a different level of energy ranging from low energy at the red end of the spectrum, to high energy at the blue end. The ubiquitous UV light we hear so much about is situated next to the blue light, and has the highest and most dangerous amount of energy. It is this wavelength of light that we are most concerned with in regard to damage to the eyes.

When this high energy light enters the eye, it is absorbed into the ocular tissues. This energy then acts as a catalyst for an increase in tissue metabolism, and that is when the trouble begins. Individuals with a genetic predisposition toward Macular Degeneration can expect a dramatic increase in the severity of the condition, and a substantially earlier onset of the disease. Systemic disorders such as Diabetes will also put an individual at risk for this disorder. The natural lens in the eye is comprised of Alpha proteins; which are clear. When exposed to UV light, they undergo a chemical change that transforms them into Beta proteins which are yellow. This process is called cataractogenesis and results in cataract formation.

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Local and Online Eyeglass Stores

Most people who need to get vision correction first began to wear prescription eyeglasses after being diagnosed by an eye doctor. At the very beginning, they may experience poor vision symptoms such as blurry vision, double vision and so on. If these signs persist for a long time, they will probably choose to see an eye practitioner. It is also possible that some people are detected of a vision problem during a regular eye checkup. Among eye doctors, the latter case is more preferable because it can usually diagnose visual problems at an early stage. This also gives the reason why most qualified doctors encourage their patients to receive eye exams on a regular basis.

A common phenomenon is that most eyeglass users buy their first pair of eyeglasses from their eye doctors. This is simply because it is the doctor who helps in detecting the visual problem. After that, the doctor would probably recommend a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Even with the availability of contact lenses and various laser eye surgeries which can also treat vision defects, corrective eyeglasses are still the main solution suggested by eye doctors for individuals who have no experience of vision correction. In other words, eyeglasses are the safest option of vision correction. For most eyeglass users, they have very little knowledge when they first needed to wear a pair of prescription spectacles. As a result, they would always accept glasses recommended by the doctor.

But in fact, eye care practitioners only provide one source of prescription eyeglasses. There are quite a few other sources which even offer more benefits. Eyeglass stores are one of those sources. In most cases, these stores are referred to local optical stores. With the availability of the huge variety of eyewear products, customers can easily find an optical shop locally. It is true that some eyeglass manufacturers are now running exclusive optical stores all over the world. These eyeglass stores provide spectacles in various styles exclusively produced by a specific brand. Customers can always find nearly all eyewear types in certain a brand. Famous eyewear brands including Aviator, Gucci, Oakley, and Ray-Ban, just to name a few. However, local optical stores are always thought to charge high prices.

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Wonderful Gift Ideas For the Man in Your Life

If you are like most women buying a gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad, son, etc. is a big hassle. Mostly because men hardly ever want anything that is under $50 and because most of the things they want will require you to venture into a hardware, sporting goods, or other man-friendly shopping venue. But, have no fear! Here is a list of great gifts for that special guy in your life and lucky for you…most of them can be found online!

1.) Multi Gadget Charging Station. If your guy is a techie and seems to have EVERY new gadget known to man, why not make charging all of them easy and convenient. These neat trays will allow them to organize and hide all their power cords, and it will also keep them from constantly losing them! They also have room for wallets and keys, which makes this handy little gift a one-stop place for all your man’s gadgets and loose articles.

2.) Oakley MP3 Sunglasses. These stylish sunglasses have an MP3 player built right in, so especially if your guy loves to run or hike, they no longer have to worry about cords or carrying their music devices on them. They are shock resistant and they offer the same great sun and UV protection you have come to expect from a brand such as Oakley.

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The Wholesale Reading Glasses

Wholesale reading glasses reduces the cost of expense for reading glasses and also provides a wide range of varieties from which we can make a better pick than in the retail outlets. These days’ glasses are not only meant for clear vision, but also as a fashion accessory. So it is very much important to select a reading glass, which are both suitable for our eyesight level as well as a fashionable one.

In order to avail both these aspects aptly, it is much better to go for wholesale reading glasses. As they have a wider range of collection than the retail outlets. There are several types of reading glasses, say for example; bifocal, sun readers, no lines, semi frames, rimless, full frames, folding and many other reading glass related accessories.

It is said in a recent survey that two among three peoples are wearing reader glasses or other power glasses these days. Reader glasses are however worn by the aged or in other way at least after 40’s. While buying from wholesale reading glasses it really saves time and cost, as you can avail all major brands under same roof at an economical and reasonable price.

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The Most Stylish Sunglasses

The sunglasses are meant to be for protecting your eye, but this does not hold anymore in present scenario. The sunglasses are not only seen as a protector of eyes. They are nowadays seen as a projector of your personality and fashion. Of course we are talking about the popular type of sunglasses, the designer sunglasses. The sporty and trendy look that the designer sunglasses offer you are the ones that make up your personality.

Sunglasses form the most important part of your attire. The main thing about designer glasses is that they can cater to all tastes. The designer sunglasses, is more used to give you a unique look with a creative fashion of your own.

If you want to be fashionable and more stylish in the eyes of the others and want to maintain a unique fashion for yourself wherever you go, your choice must be designer sunglasses. Even a very protective glass which is not trendy is not liked to be worn by anyone. Design and fashion gains more importance in present day.

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